Secondhand Smoke is a slice-of-life-ish series set in the remains of a cyberpunk dystopia, following the only remaining survivors of a mysterious mass disappearance that left the world empty.

An archetypical cyberpunk city-state capitalist dystopic hellscape is - overnight, with no explanation - almost entirely depopulated, leaving no bodies, no blood, and no trace of the city's former inhabitants. A tiny sliver of the occupants are left, completely unaffected, in the now empty metropolis, with no leads or information on what has happened.

A swath of automated emergency measures and backup AIs keep the city's emergency power running, leaving most appliances functional, but the city itself largely dark. A separate set of backups keep the nets online. Now, empty groceries, factories, and corner stores provide more than enough packaged food to keep the 'survivors' alive for decades, if not centuries, to come.

Those survivors - hackers, artists, junkies, back-alley doctors, dealers, contract killers, anarchists, prostitutes, soldiers, storeowners, musicians, mechanics, detectives - find themselves in a city where the societal structures and conflicts that used to drive their lives are suddenly absent. A post-scarcity society; not due to any feat of social engineering, but simply due to the fact that everyone else's shit is now up for grabs. No more government. No more secret societies. No more cops. No more corps. Everyone has everything they need; no more need to fight, kill, work, or hack. Except for fun.

Which leaves them with long, quiet days in an empty city, watching the (now seemingly ever-present) rain, smoking and talking at the corner store, and listening to birds and animals, only now audible over the city's hum. Sitting at the docks (sea and sky). Navigating dead websites and sleeping social media accounts. Watching the screens overhead flicker and twitch. Writing. Singing. Trying to handle nightmares. Smoking some more. Exploring the labyrinth of glass and metal (and, always, keeping an eye out for the monster in the maze).

The story primarily focuses on Teeth Purcell - an ex-anarchist, ex-black hat hacker, ex-corporate operative in her late twenties as she wanders the city, digs through the rubble, and works on her grand project: a series of interviews and stories, forming a literary chronicle - a history of everyone that's left alive.

A sometimes cute, sometimes sad, sometimes sappy, mostly slice-of-life series. Hopefully out soon.