I know three things right now:
My name is Safety.
I am twenty years old.
There is something in the water.

The small coastal town of Chapel Bay is little more than a name on a map. One of a thousand other little destinations for tourists to stop at on their way up and down the coast, set apart only by the rusted, silent metal structures that shadow the town. Chapel Bay is the kind of place that generations are born, live, and die in, with nothing to mark their passing other than a small grave marker and a line in the town's register.

This is the town that Safety Mackenna was born into, and for the last two decades, the town she's lived in. Not-that-recently graduated, jobless, and with no prospects, Safety is well on her way to following the path her predecessors have always walked: a dissatisfied, angst-filled adolescence, dominated by a disgust for home and an unquenchable desire to leave Chapel Bay - eventually followed by resignation, a joyless job by the boardwalk, a loveless marriage, and an unremarkable death.

And then she finds a body out in the marshes - bruised, bloodied, and battered - and Safety strays from the path.

Safety is a short novel I originally wrote in November 2016. I had for that year's NaNoWriMo challenge - write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. It was largely made up as I went along - I had an idea of the overarching plot, but the page-to-page sequence of events was mostly pulled out of thin air. As a result, it is a messy, messy first draft that doesn't really have an ending - but I still like it anyways. Someday, I may want to return to it and give it the care and attention it requires - but right now, I'm happy letting it rest.

I released the first draft of Safety publicly as I wrote it. It's still available online, and you can read the entire thing here.