Transcript of the “Call For Reflection” sermon, given by Aythuri vai'Huan on the steps of the Dam'eyo Palace
January 20th, 2016

My children, here by the Sun’s grace, I greet you.

We come now to the dawn on the far edge of a great darkness that has, for many years past, covered the land, blinding it’s peoples and burdening their spirits. For many of us, it seemed as if this war might outlive us all, but with the actions undertaken today, the Great Death is, itself, dead, and we might rejoice in that fact.

I have, in the dark years since this whole conflict began, seen much. I have seen friends, family, and laypeople die. I have seen great cruelty and harm inflicted by the People on each other, whether out of desperation, anger, or simply for the satisfaction of the doing it. I myself stood at the gates of Din’Eoma when the Sundering tore the land itself from the surface, and as I watched the ruins there crumble, I wept for the loss of it all.

And I have seen great kindnesses performed by the People for one another. I have seen strangers and enemies given food and water by those who had little to give. I have seen soldiers, moments from snuffing out another life, given over to mercy and love, even as the world seemed to die about them. I have seen, through it all, the resiliency of the People in the face of great hardship, and the love of the Sun carried through them all.

I have seen much to shake my faith, and much to make me think, in my darkest of moments, that the shadows of the world would never clear, and the Sun would never again warm this planet. But now, the war is ended, and again we truly feel the love of Huan, blessed be us all - and I find myself remembering and reflecting on the good more than the bad.

And I find myself thinking again, as we are all wont to do. I find myself thinking of the People, and of the war, and how we all got to where we were. And I am no fool - I see the machinations of the world’s powers, and the tides of my namesake as it drives the world. I know what the treaty-signers and the advisors inside would say if they were asked why this war happened, and what paths we took to get here, and I do not deny their words or their wisdom. But I am reminded time and time again, as I remember, that we are all yet of the People. The People began this war; the People fought it; and through our action alone, the People ended it. Such as it has oft been and oft will be. And I find myself thinking of the People.

We are each of us small and fragile creatures. Even the hardiest among us is fit only to live for a short while on the Sun’s lands, before we move on to greater unknowns. We are fragile, and we are all breakable. We are as singular panes of glass. We are easily damaged, and we carry the marks of those damages with us throughout our lives; we are easily shattered, and once shattered, we are impossible to truly rebuild.

And like glass, we capture light; and for those among us who are glass truly worth spying, we reflect it.

I have spoken to you many times since this war began. Oft with messages of love, rarely with those of anger, but always, I have spoke of hope - hope for our survival, hope for the Sun’s love, hope for each of us in singular - and I have spoke of it thus:

“Remember, that even in the night, Huan has not left us. In the skies above, a thousand thousand of the Sun’s eyes and family watch over you, and the moon above - that noble prism - acts as a mirror to reflect the Sun’s light and grace over us all. So it has been since times first known,” and now, I say to you, so it was in the darkest eve now past.

But even so, the moon waxes and wanes, and the Sun does not illumine eternal. Not alone, and not equally, for as this last ordeal has decisively shown us, not all corners of this wide land are met by the Sun. Some feel the Sun’s light and are warmed by it’s grace more than others. And if the Sun sleeps, and the Moon’s eye is closed, then how shall we live? Who do we turn to? Who do we rely on?

I tell you now, with no great ambiguity: no one. In those times when you are fully in life’s shadow, wait not for the dawn idly and with despair in our heart! If the Sun’s light will not shine into the crevices of your life, then take it upon yourself to effect change, to continue life, and to bring the light to those who need it.

I charge you now - each and every one of you - go forth! Be yourself as a mirror to the Sun, to reflect it’s glory and spread it’s grace to the darkest corners of this world. Carry it’s love in your heart, embody it’s strength in your every action, and when the moon has yet gone, be unto yourself a light in the dark for your fellows. I have seen the immense strength in each and every one of you, and I know this to be possible. The Great Death was brought about by the People, and it was ended by the People; and through the people, it can be prevented from ever returning. Go forth, and through your actions, we might yet make it so that no shadow, as is now past, ever casts a pall upon this world again.

May Huan shine on you all forever more.