New Gods is a novel following XXXXXX XXXXXX and XXXX as they wander the world in search of a new home, new lives, and X XXXX.

And that's all I can say about it.

I started writing New Gods in January 2016 in the middle of a very long, very slow work meeting as, well, kind of a joke. A way to pass some time that was a little bit less obvious than drawing or working on music at work. I had never written prose before, and I doubted I was suddenly going to start then - it was just a handful of notes, a bundle of connective tissue stringing together two stages of Roots that I hadn't quite figured out yet. Then it turned into a short story of a couple thousand words. Then a plan for maybe eight short chapters that I could release at some point in the future.

50-odd days later, I put the last period on a first draft that was 75k words long and realized that I had accidentally written a small novel.

Which was scary, but kind of cool. And made me start thinking about what else I could write.

As it stands, New Gods is not publicly available. Beyond a small group of friends and my mom, no one has read it, and no one can - not yet. The problem with not thinking I was going to finish this is that I didn't really think about anyone reading it, and I made the mistake of not starting at the beginning. New Gods takes place a long way into Roots, my primary story, and contains numerous world-shattering spoilers for that story - which, understandably, I want to remain unspoiled. So, for now, New Gods is going to sit on my hard drive (and a few other folks') until I get far enough in Roots that I can dust it off and send it out into the world.

(See you in a few decades.)

That said, I'm still really proud of this story, so here are a few samples with character names and some details redacted:

Quiet: Winter is quiet this far north.

Peoplewatching: In a diner,

Dirty Harry: The second one was waiting for them by the bridge.